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Webinar: Advancing Electrification with Real-Time Testing

3 March 2021

This webinar will present how you can leverage real-time solutions to accelerate renewable energy integration and electric vehicle developments. By using comprehensible examples, this webinar highlights how you can leverage Speedgoat solutions to facilitate the development, testing and validation of your innovations with hardware prototypes: from controlling and tuning a high-voltage DC converter to verifying the operation of an actual grid-tied inverter against a virtual power grid.

This webinar will cover power system simulations, battery management systems (BMS), electric motor control, and power electronics control. With multi-core CPUs, Simulink-programmable FPGAs, communication protocols, and a wide range of input/output (I/O) interfaces, Speedgoat real-time solutions can deploy Simulink-based models in real-time to run in the MHz range, interface with industrial equipment, and provide power interfaces from a few watts to megawatts.

Specific topics that will be covered include: 

  • Real-time simulation of transmission and distribution networks 
  • Control development and testing of high-voltage DC  
  • Test and verification of embedded controls for a grid-tied solar inverter 
  • Onboard power systems: electric vehicles, all electric ships, and more electric aircrafts (MEA) 
  • Energy storage: testing of fuel cells and battery management systems  


Advancing Electrification with Real-Time Testing

Webinar session: 60 minutes

Date and Time Registration Link
3 March 2021, 02:00 EST / 08:00 CET / 15:00 CST

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3 March 2021, 07:00 EST / 13:00 CET / 20:00 CST

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3 March 2021, 11:00 EST / 17:00 CET / 00:00 CST

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  Dr. Carlos Villegas
  Electrification Industry Manager


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