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Speedgoat is an Official Technology Partner of Roborace

Speedgoat has been collaborating with Roborace, the world’s first all-electric, fully autonomous racing series, for years. This partnership is now evoling to the next level with Speedgoat taking the role of Official Technology Partner.

Development of the first Robocar began in 2016 with a test vehicle codenamed ‘Devbot 1.0’. Using the chassis of a Ginetta LMP3 race car, Devbot was used to test both software and hardware before deploying it in the iconic Robocar. Roborace vehicles can utilize a broad range of radar, LiDAR, GNSS, and ultrasonic sensors for ultra-high-speed autonomous navigation on track.

The Season Beta Championship started in 2020, featuring seven teams competing in an upgraded vehicle named ‘Devbot 2.0’. Season One of Roborace will start in 2022. These cutting-edge racers are equipped with CAN FD-enabled Speedgoat unit real-time target computers.

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