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Speedgoat - HDL Coder Functionality Packages

Speedgoat provides a wide range of FPGA functionality (Code Modules) that can be used in various application domains. The code modules provide I/O connectivity for protocols (SPI, I2C, SENT, UART, and more), PWM generation and capture, and encoder measurement and emulation (Quadrature, SSI, BiSS, EnDat, Cam/Crank).

The code modules are generally used for our configurable FPGA I/O modules. However, when Speedgoat provides the FPGA implementation for your specific I/O module, the HDL Coder Functionality Package (HCFP) allows you to use code module functionality in combination with our Simulink-programmable FPGA I/O modules and the HDL Coder workflow.

Getting Started

Learn how to download, install and work with the HDL Coder Functionality Package and how to configure and setup your development environment.

Code Modules

Learn about the supported code modules, the code module HDL blocks as well as the usability and configuration blocks for CPU execution.


Get started with pre-defined example models for each code module.