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Speedgoat Utilities Generate one beat

Speedgoat Utilities Generate one beat — The Generate one beat block creates data packets to be sent out over Aurora links.


  • >> speedgoatlib_hdlCoder_utilities_aurora


This block is a diagnostic block used to generate signals that can be used to verify the proper functionality of the Aurora link, and determine the latency of the link. It is included in several of our example models, and can be used as an example of how to create data packets for the Aurora link in your own designs.


The ports of the block.

In Ports

Using this port, the desired count match value can be used to set the rate at which the block generates data packets to be sent.

Out Ports

This is a free-running counter whose value can be compared to the data coming in on the receiving end of the link (if the data is linked back to the input) to determine the total link latency.


This is used to create the valid signal in the stream beat.


This is the beat data that has been generated, including the counter value, and an embedded sine wave signal.


This is the sine wave that is embedded in the beat data.


There is only a single "Aurora Mode" parameter in the block mask to set the encoding scheme that should be used in the Aurora interface. This will determine the bit-width of the data beat out ports.