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Speedgoat Interrupt Interface

Speedgoat Interrupt Interface — Allows the Simulink model to be triggered by a FPGA input change of state

Supported Modules

  • IO332-200k

  • IO333-325k, IO333-410k, IO333-325k-SFP, IO333-410k-SFP

  • IO334-325k, IO335-325k

  • IO342-1450k, IO342-1080k

  • IO397-50k



The Interrupt allows the Simulink model to be triggered by a change of state of an FPGA input, or by a design under test (DUT) internal signal. For this I/O module, the correct board must be set up in the Interrupt Setup block to generate the interrupt.

For more information about the Interrupt Setup block, refer to the Speedgoat integrated Help or online documentation.

The settings can be configured in the generated interface model once run through the HDL Coder Workflow Advisor.

  • Data Type: boolean

  • Direction: output

Interface Pin Mapping

There is no interface pin mapping.

Terminal Board

This interface does not require a terminal board.