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Utility Blocks

Utility Blocks — Simulink utility blocks used in models to provide pre-determined functionality.


The following blocks are used inside source models to be targeted with HDL Coder. They are designed so that you can add them to your own designs to provide commonly required functional units, and are used in example models.

These blocks can be accessed via the Simulink Library Browser or by entering the following in the MATLAB command window:

>> speedgoatlib_hdlCoder_utilities
Generate one BeatThe Generate one beat block creates data frames to be sent out over Aurora links.
Extract Latency and Sine The Extract latency sin block is used to disassemble the packet created with the Generate one beat block on the receiving side.
CRC Monitor The crc tlast difference block output increases if a packet is received with an invalid CRC.
Transmit Frame This takes an input data and valid signal and generates an axi stream frame-based signal.
Receive Frame The Receive frame block counts and deconstructs axi stream data frames received over Aurora links.
Aurora Send Receive This block transforms an input data vector to an AXI stream frame-based signal for streaming through an Aurora link to a connected FPGA I/O module. The block also unpacks received frames to a data vector.
Streaming DMA Frame Assembly This block transforms an input data vector and valid signal to an AXI stream frame-based signal for DMA data streaming to the CPU.