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IO101 - Analog input

IO101 - Analog input — Reads the IO101 analog inputs


Simulink Real-Time - Speedgoat


To read the analog inputs exactly one of these blocks must be added to your model for each module of this type in your target machine.


This driver block has n scalar output ports of type double where n is the number of selected analog input channels. Each port (signal) returns the converted analog values in Volts.

X (X is the analog channel number)

The value from analog channel X in Volts. Type double.


Module ID

This ID defines the link to the corresponding Setup block.

Output Mode

Values or Values & Conversion delay. Values is the default setting. The Values & Conversion delay setting is used for debugging purposes.

Sample Time

Defines the base sample time at which this driver block gets its sample hit. This parameter can also be set to -1 for inherited sample time. The units are in seconds.