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IO110 Pin Mapping

IO110 Pin Mapping — Reference information about the I/O module connector

Front Connector

PinQ-DACD/A ChannelPinD/A Channel
11Output 0135GND
21Output 0236GND
31Output 0337GND
41Output 0438GND
52Output 0539GND
62Output 0640GND
72Output 0741GND
82Output 0842GND
93Output 0943GND
103Output 1044GND
113Output 1145GND
123Output 1246GND
134Output 1347GND
144Output 1448GND
154Output 1549GND
164Output 1650GND
175Output 1751GND
185Output 1852GND
195Output 1953GND
205Output 2054GND
216Output 2155GND
226Output 2256GND
236Output 2357GND
246Output 2458GND
257Output 2559GND
267Output 2660GND
277Output 2761GND
287Output 2862GND
298Output 2963GND
308Output 3064GND
318Output 3165GND
328Output 3266GND
33  67GND
34  68GND