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Many controls, audio, vision, and DSP applications require support to acquire, generate, and sample analog and digital signal data at much higher sample rates than the fundamental closed-loop sample rate. Not a problem, Speedgoat provides:

  • Fast analog and digital I/O supporting input and output frequencies up to 100 MHz for controls, up to 5 GHz for software defined ratio, radar, and other high speed applications, and up to 10 GHz for vision applications using GigE Vision
  • High frequency PWM generation and capture, encoder measurement and simulation, FPGA code modules for a wide range of protocols like I2C and SPI
  • High speed data logging and replay to/from external FPGA or x86 RAM, and SSDs

Note that the need for high frequency signal acquisition and generation doesn’t necessarily imply a need for automatic HDL code generation via Programmable FPGAs: As long as the fundamental sample time can be achieved by running algorithms on the CPU, support for high-frequency signals such as for PWM and encoder measurements and emulation can also be implemented on Configurable FPGAs using Speedgoat FPGA code modules. The FPGA will then run at a much higher sample rate in the background.

High Frequency Signal Acquisition and Generation


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