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Built to your needs, made for Simulink

MathWorks software products are optimized to guarantee the best real-time performance, workflow integration and usability with Simulink Real-Time™ and Speedgoat target machines. The latest Simulink and Speedgoat technologies are first supported with this platform.

Speedgoat on the other hand doesn't only build and optimize its target machines for use with Simulink Real-Time, but also guarantees that each target machine is configured to meet your specific requirements, such as sample rate, I/O, and environmental.

Furthermore, every target machine comes with Simulink driver blocks or FPGA reference designs to configure all installed I/O and protocols functionality. Simulink test models are also provided.

Paired with long-term warranty, maintenance, training, and consulting services from MathWorks and Speedgoat, you benefit from a truly turn-key solution for your next generation projects.

Perfect for teaching

The Education real-time target machine with its built-in, high-end analog and digital I/O together with MathWorks' Model-Based Design software (MATLAB, Simulink, Simulink Coder, and Simulink Real-Time) forms a complete solution to teach mechatronic design concepts at various levels including:

  • Basic Mechatronic Design Concepts
    Control design, signal processing, and physical modeling
  • Advanced Mechatronic Design Concepts
    Pulse train generation (PWM), PWM capture, incremental encoder inputs (QAD), and generic parallel digital I/O (DIO) using the optional Motion Control FPGA package
  • Custom FPGA Design Concepts
    Develop custom FPGA implementations using the optional Motion Control FPGA package and the optional FPGA Development Guide for Simulink Real-Time

More information about typical application areas of real-time testing can be found in Applications & Industries.

Basic Mechatronic Design Concepts

The high-resolution, high-speed analog inputs allow the reading of values from sensors such as for position or speed, pressure or force. The analog outputs can be used for driving analog actuators, for example a linear amplifier. Parallel digital I/O channels allow the reading of discrete values from switches, over-current detection devices and also output discrete values, for example to relays.

While the Education real-time target machine has been optimized for teaching mechatronic systems it is also ideally suited for other types of application like power electronics or signal processing.

Simulink driver blocks are provided for easy access to all I/O on the target machine.

Advanced Mechatronic Design Concepts

With the optional Motion Control FPGA package the Education real-time target machine features a multi-functional FPGA I/O module with FPGA code modules for PWM generation and capture, quadrature decoding of incremental encoder sensors, and 36 general purpose digital I/O lines.

Delivery includes an I/O cable, a terminal board, blocksets and drivers for Simulink and Simulink Real-Time, a Simulink test models, and comprehensive documentation all to teach advanced mechatronic design concepts.

With this package there is no need for you to deal with FPGA programming - you can simply drag and drop the provided blocksets into your Simulink model to access and configure the provided functionality.


For more information please contact Speedgoat.

On-board I/O connectivity

The Education real-time target machine comes with pre-installed high resolution analog and parallel digital I/O channels to connect your hardware under test with your simulation and real-time test environment.

For advanced and custom FPGA designs the Education real-time target machine can be expanded with the optional Motion Control FPGA package, which also includes additional I/O.

CAN protocol support is available with the optional CAN Protocol Package.

Simulink Real-Time driver blocks are provided for all I/O.

Analog inputs

  • 32 single-ended or 16 differential channels, multiplexed
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 5µs sampling and conversion time per channel
  • Selectable ±10V, ±5V, ±3.3V, 0-10V, 0-5V input range (software-selectable)

Analog outputs

  • 4 single-ended channels, dedicated D/A converter per channel
  • 16-bit resolution
  • ±10V output range

Digital I/O

  • 16 TTL lines configurable as inputs or outputs in groups of 8

High grade enclosure

The Education real-time target machine has an extremely robust zinc coated sheet metal chassis, and thanks to its small size can easily be moved around or placed on any office desktop. Alternatively it's rear brackets allow it to be mounted to a wall or rack.

The chassis is fully EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) sealed. It holds a mainboard and a piggy-backed PCI bus PCB with 2 PCI slots. The cooling for the mainboard is fully passive using a heat sink mounted on the left side of the machine.

Cooling of the installed I/O modules is accomplished with a bank of low-noise fans. The speed of the fans is temperature-controlled and at ambient temperatures they are mostly idle, therefore producing no audible noise.


The Education real-time target machine can either be placed flat on your desktop, or if space is limited, in the upright position.

The target machine and the terminal board can also be rack or wall mounted using the rear brackets (fitted as standard).

CAN Protocol Package

The CAN Protocol Package extends the Education real-time target machine with an additional intelligent CAN I/O module with 2 ports. It also provides support for LIN, SAE J1939 and XCP protocols.


  • Two isolated high/low speed 2.0b CAN ports (Controller Area Network)
  • Loopback test cable
  • Simulink driver blocks
  • Full documentation

Please contact us for further information.

Motion Control FPGA Package

The Motion Control FPGA Package extends the Education real-time target machine with a multi-functional FPGA I/O module and PWM, Quadrature and Digital FPGA code modules.

Key components

  • Multi-functional motion control I/O module with 64 x 3.3V/5V digital TTL lines and Xilinx Spartan 6 chip with 50k logic cells
  • FPGA Code Modules (bitstream) for PWM, Capture, Quadrature Decoding, and generic digital I/O (see below)
  • Cable and terminal board
  • Simulink Real-Time driver blocks and Simulink test models

Speedgoat configures the Xilinx Spartan 6 chip with the following set of pulse train capture and generation functionality:

  • PWM generation: 3 channels for PWM signal generation (asymetric, symetric, centered, single-phase, multi-phase, deadband compensation) and frequency-modulated pulse trains
  • PWM Capture: 3 channels for measuring pulse duration, period duration, and PWM duty-cycle
  • Quadrature decoding: 3 channels for quadrature decoding of incremental encoder sensor inputs
  • Interrupt: 1 interrupt such as for synchronization with analog I/O channels
  • Digital I/O: 42 generic digital I/O lines


Please contact us for further information.

Warranty and Technical Support

Speegoat not only builds a solution to your needs, but also our support team is there to make sure you get your system up and running. You can also check our learn and support section for documentation, webinars and tutorials. If you cannot find what you need, please contact us and we will be happy to get back to you within 24 hours.

Warranty and technical support