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Cable: 37-Pin Male D-Sub to Unterminated Ends 

6.5ft/2m long shielded round cable with D-Sub 37-pin male connector on one end, and unterminated on the other end

Suited for direct connection to Speedgoat I/O modules. Cable assembly constructed from PFA insulated 19/0.18 (21AWG) wire.

The unterminated connections are coded to match the connector pin mapping.

Made for 250 VAC/400 VDC voltage and 5A current ratings. 


Length: 6.5ft (2m)
Item ID Product Name Components
305175  37-Pin Male D-Sub I/O Cable with Unterminated Ends  6.5 ft/2 m round cable featuring a 37-pin male D-Sub connector to unterminated Ends. 

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