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Getting Started Demo Kit

Hands-On Learning for Real-Time Systems with Simulink® and Speedgoat

The Getting Started Demo Kit is a versatile and multifunctional platform that allows you to get familiar with the Speedgoat and Simulink® environment and for designing and tuning control algorithms in real-time, including using instrumentation, data logging and signal monitoring from Simulink®.

The kit includes the demo board and reference example models. The demo board is equipped with an electric DC motor, which acts as the device under test. It also includes various analog I/O, digital I/O, and I2C components, to get familiar with signal processing. Furthermore, the inclusion of switches and LEDs on the board facilitates interactive and visual validation of control algorithms and system responses.

Reference example models are available as four concrete example Simulink® models, which enable you to go through the workflows in step-by-step tutorials.

The Getting Started Demo kit is used in conjunction with a Speedgoat Real-Time test system and IO397 I/O module.

Working with the Getting Started Demo kit is part of the Simulink® Real-Time™ training provided by the MathWorks® training teams. It provides users with comprehensive resources to expand their knowledge of realtime simulation and testing of controls. More information on this training can be found here: Jumpstart Workshops

Download the Simulink® models (login required)

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Key Features

Feature Description
Training Integration Step-by-step tutorials guide users through essential Simulink® workflows, suitable for beginners and experienced users
Real Hardware Interaction Connect to Speedgoat real-time target machines and interface with a physical Device Under Test (DUT), including an electric DC motor, switches, LEDs, servo motor, analog I/O and digital I/O
I2C, Digital, and Analog Tests Validate I2C communication, GPIO (Digital) functionality, and Analog I/O precision with dedicated models and tutorials
Dimensions 140 mm x 90 mm x 70 mm
Weight 140 g
Power requirements 900mA max @ +5 V DC
Connectors 2x 17-pin M12
Operating temperature 0 °C to +40 °C* 
Relative humidity Max. 90 %, non-condensing
Item ID Product Name Components
305077 DUT Demo
  • Complete and fully assembled Getting Started Demo Board
  • Simulink® reference example for real-time testing is included as well as Simulink® driver blocks and configuration files for the IO397 I/O module

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 Getting Started Demo Kit


Included in the Delivery

  • Getting Started Demo Kit board
  • Simulink® reference application for real-time testing
  • Simulink® driver blocks and configuration files for the IO397 I/O module
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Note: The real-time target machine and the IO397 I/O module are not included with kit

Common Applications

  • Engineers, developers, and educators seeking hands-on experience with real-time Simulink® workflows
  • Exploring real-time simulation and testing solutions
  • Mastering I2C, digital, and analog signal interactions

Supported target machines


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