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PWR-TPI6020 - Three-Phase Inverter Module 

48 V/20 A Three-Phase Inverter Module 

The PWR-TPI6020 module is a modular three-phase inverter with individual gate driver control. This module is fully compatible with Speedgoat FPGA technologies such as the IO323 or IO397 I/O modules and can easily be connected to any real-time target machine. 

The module is optimized for use as a three-phase inverter. Its modular design, however, also makes it ideal as a full bridge or a high-side or low-side driver.  

The PWR-TPI6020 enables you to control each single gate driver, and monitor the phase current and bus voltage of your closed-loop applications. 

When used with FPGA I/O modules, the PWR-TPI6020 is ideal for closed-loop applications using MATLAB® and Simulink® with closed-loop rates up to 20 kHz and faster using HDL Coder™. 

Key Features

  • Three half-bridge phases with individual gate control:
    • 12 to 48 VDC nominal DC Bus voltage
    • Up to 20 A continuous RMS current
    • Up to 50 kHz switching frequency 
  • Continuous monitoring of voltage, current and temperature
  • On-board protections for overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature and deadband

Simplified schematic of the two-level three-phase inverter module. Only the switching MOSFETs and the voltage and current measurements are shown.

Supported FPGA Technology

I/OModule I/O Lines
IO323 Configurable FPGA with 32 x 16-bit analog inputs, 8 x 16-bit analog outputs and 48 x TTL
IO334 Simulink-programmable FPGA with 16 x 16-bit analog inputs and 16 x 16-bit analog outputs
IO397 Configurable and Simulink-programmable FPGA with 4 x 16 bit analog inputs, 4 x 16-bit analog outputs and 14 x TTL
Dimensions 170 x 85 mm 
  • DC Bus: 2-pin male ELCON MINI header 
  • AC Phases: 3-pin male ELCON MINI header 
  • Analog measurements: 26-pin female HDR connectors 
  • Digital control: 26-pin male HDR connectors 
Weight  760 g 
Operating temperature 5 °C to +50 °C* 
Relative humidity 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Electrical Characteristics   
Type  Three-phase inverter (two-level)
DC bus input voltage  12 to 48 VDC (electronic power supply self-supplied from DC bus) 
DC bus continuous current  Up to 30 A 
Phase continuous output current  Up to 20 A RMS 
Switching frequency  Up to 50 kHz 
Power switches  N-channel MOSFET 
Gate drivers  Optical isolated gate driver 
Measurement Characteristics 
Embedded monitoring  DC bus voltage, DC bus current, AC phase currents, temperature 
Linear current measuring range  37.5 A 
Voltage measuring range  110 V 
Temperature measuring range  -40 to 150 °C 
Embedded protections  Overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, deadband 
Voltage (DC Bus)  > 70 V 
Current (DC Bus)  > 30 A 
Current (AC output)  > 30 A 
Temperature  > 70 °C (internal sensor) 
*Effective environmental temperature support depends on the application, and the performance is limited by the temperature protection. Each module benefits from passive cooling. Higher temperatures may arise inside the enclosure. Active cooling can be used to increase the performance.
Item ID Product Name Components
3A6020  PWR-TPI6020 (Power Enclosure) 
  • 1x Three-Phase Inverter Module 
  • 2x 26-Pin Male HDR to 26-Pin Female HDR I/O Cable (6 ft/1.82 m)
  • 1x 3-Pin ELCON MINI to Unterminated Cable (3.2 ft/1 m)
  • 1x 2-Pin ELCON MINI to Unterminated Cable (3.2 ft/1 m)
  • Comprehensive documentation and Simulink example models
  • Installation into the Speedgoat power enclosure 
3B6020  PWR-TPI6020 (Baseline) 
  • 1x Three-Phase Inverter Module
  • 1x 2-Pin ELCON MINI to Unterminated Cable (3.2 ft/1 m)
  • 1x 3-Pin ELCON MINI to Unterminated Cable (3.2 ft/1 m)
  • Comprehensive documentation and Simulink example models 
  • Installation into the Baseline real-time target machine    
Optional Accessories   
105262  DIN Rail Clamping Set                              
  • Set of two cleats and two lockable clamps for standard 35 mm DIN rails 
  • Including M3x6 TX10 mounting screws 
  • Compatible with Baseline machines (M & S), the mounting plate for Mobile machines and the PWR-TPI6020 three-phase inverter 
305156   PWR-TPI6020 Cable Kit with Stäubli K-41 Sockets             

Cable kit for PWR-TPI6020 module, consisting of a: 

  • 100 mm round cable featuring a 2-pin female ELCON MINI connector to two Stäubli type K-41 sockets, for DC bus 
  • 100 mm round cable featuring a 3-pin female ELCON MINI connector to three Stäubli type K-410 sockets, for AC phases 
350300  Adapter Box – IO323 to 2x PWR-TPI6020  Aluminum Adapter Box to connect one IO323 I/O module to two PWR-TPI6020 modules 
350301  Adapter Box – 2x IO397 to 2x PWR-TPI6020  Aluminum Adapter Box to connect up to two IO397 I/O modules to two PWR-TPI6020 modules 
350302  Adapter Box – IO323 to PWR-TPI6020  Aluminum Adapter Box to connect one IO323 I/O module to one PWR-TPI6020 module 

Pricing information
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 Two-Level Three-Phase Inverter Module


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