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IO970: RTD (PT100, PT1000) simulation module

RTD simulation module with up to 16 channels of accurate RTD simulation with Simulink driver blocks

The IO976 is an RTD simulation module with up to 16 channels.


  • High accuracy and fine resistance control
  • Short and open circuit simulation
  • PT100 or PT1000 options
  • Simple calibration with external DMM

The following variants are available:

I/O module Channels Resistance Form factor



90Ω to 250Ω




900Ω to 2500Ω


Form factor 32-bit 32MHz PMC (PCI)
Power requirements +5V: 1W typical +12V: 1.2W typical -12V: 1.2W typical
Connectors 15-way male D-type for simulation channels (1 per 6 channels) 9-way male D-type calibration port
Simulation channels  
Configuration 6 or 16 channels
Resistance range 90Ω to 250Ω (PT100 option) 900Ω to 2500Ω (PT1000 option)
Resolution < 8mΩ (PT100 option) < 90mΩ (PT1000 option) continuous resolution, no missing settings
Accuracy 0.8%
Maximum power 100mW
Operating temperature 0 to 55°C
Relative humidity 0 to 90%, non-condensing
Electromagnetic interference immunity (EMI) EN61000-6-1:2001
EMC emissions EN55011:1998
Item ID Product Name Components
2A970X IO970-PT100-6
  • IO970-PT100-6
  • PT100 RTD simulation, 6 channels, 90Ω to 250Ω
  • Driver block library for Simulink Real-Time™
  • Installation into real-time target machine
2B970X IO970-PT1000-6
  • IO970-PT1000-6
  • PT1000 RTD simulation, 6 channels, 900Ω to 2500Ω
  • Driver block library for Simulink Real-Time™
  • Installation into real-time target machine

Key to X in Item ID
Please replace the X with the code number of the specific target machine into which this I/O module shall be installed:

  • 6 = Performance real-time target machine

Pricing information
We don't publish pricing information on our website. Upon request by e-mail or phone we can provide a complete price list covering our entire product portfolio in various currencies. We recommend that you get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs. We can then quickly provide you with a tailored quotation including technical and pricing information.


Included in delivery

  • I/O module installed into real-time target machine
  • Cable
  • Simulink driver blocks
  • Test models
  • Comprehensive documentation

Supported target machines