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Pulse Counter

Code Module for Bi-Directional Pulse Counter



Pulse counters accurately count input signal pulses. Their main purpose is to determine the speed, position and/or direction of objects, making them ideal for control systems, and for tracking moving machinery and vehicles.

Pulse counters offer various configuration options to meet different requirements. They feature a signed, 31-bit counter that can be configured to count the rising, the falling, or the rising and falling edges of pulsed input signals. They can also count in ascending or descending order, which can be controlled by a digital input signal or within Simulink®.

In addition, the pulse counter features a configurable debounce to ensure that only valid pulses are counted. This is particularly useful in noisy environments and for equipment which are not correctly impedance-matched.

The pulse counter functionality can be used with all configurable I/O modules that have digital I/O lines. While it is commonly used on TTL lines, it can also be used on differential lines, making it a versatile solution for multiple applications.

Key Features

  • Signed, 31-bit pulse counter (-1’073’741’824 to 1’073’741’823)
  • Three counting modes: Rising, falling, or rising and falling edges
  • Direction can be controlled within Simulink® or using an external digital signal
  • Configurable debounce functionality on the input pin to filter noisy signals

Counting modes Falling edge
Rising edge
Rising and falling edge
Counter range -1’073’741’824 to 1’073’741’823
Counter will wrap around
Direction source Internal Simulink® signal or external signal
Item ID Product Name Components
203xxA IO3xx Configuration File
  • IO functionality (configuration file) according to customer requirements
  • Simulink® example model
  • Simulink® library
  • Comprehensive documentation

Included in the Delivery

For our configurable I/O modules, offered as part of a Custom Implementation Package: 

  • IO functionality (configuration file) according to customer requirements
  • Simulink® example models 
  • Simulink® library 
  • Comprehensive documentation 

Common Applications

  • Wind turbine
  • Flow meters
  • HVAC systems
  • Railway systems
  • Process automation

Supported I/O Modules

  • All configurable I/O modules featuring digital I/O lines
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