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An I/O interface for IO34X I/O modules providing 4x Analog I/O lines


The IO34X-63 I/O interface provides four high-speed, four high-resolution ADC, and four high-resolution DAC channels.

This extremely broadband analog-acquisition module empowers users to work with the highest speed analog signals in the FPGA domain.

Both the ADC inputs and the DAC outputs operate at 16-bit, 1 GSPS.
Signals are available to the user's HDL Coder design as data, valid and trigger input and output ports.

Key features:

  • 4 analog input channels, operating at 16 bits and 1 GSPS
  • 4 analog output channels, operating at 16 bits and 1 GSPS
  • Optional input for a 10 or 100 MHz reference clock
  • Simulink-programmable FPGA workflow to use HDL Coder™ and Simulink Real-Time™ supported by the Speedgoat HDL Coder Integration Pack-age
  • Simulink Real-Time driver blocks as required for the HDL Coder Integration Package.


Form factor ANSI/VITA 47
Operating temperature 0 °C to +55 °C
Relative humidity 5 to 95 %, non-condensing
Signal Properties
Output range DC Coupled: +4 dBm/1.0 Vp-p Typical @100 MHz into 50 ohms. 10 ns settling time to 0.1 %.
Input range DC Coupled: (50 ohms)
DC to 400 MHz: +4 dBm/1.0Vp-p DC (Max.)
DC to 1000 MHz: -5.0 dBm (Max.)
I/O Interface
I/O channels 4 channels each of analog in and analog out
Inputs A0-A3 SSMC Connectors
Outputs D0-D3 SSMC Connectors
HDL Coder Interface
Sample Rate 1 GSPS
Sample Resolution 16-bit
Data Interface 8x16 bit samples per FPGA tick
Control interface Trigger, valid and ready (AXI4-Stream timing)
Item ID Product Name Components
2O342 IO34X-63
  • 1x IO34X-63
  • Comprehensive documentation and Simulink example models
  • Installation onto the carrier

Pricing information
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Included in delivery

  • I/O interface installed on the IO34X carrier (carrier ordered separately)
  • Analog interface cables
  • Simulink driver blocks
  • Test models
  • Comprehensive documentation

Common Applications

  • Rapid control prototyping
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing
  • High-speed analog signal acquisition and generation
  • RF applications

Supported Target Machines

  • Performance


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