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Speedgoat IO333 video configuration

Speedgoat IO333 video configuration — The Speedgoat IO333-SFP video configuration driver block is used to configure the Video Timing for the IO333-SFP Video Interfaces.


  • >> speedgoatlib_hdlCoder_IO333_video


This Speedgoat block performs the setup and configuration to use the Speedgoat I/O modules. To use this block, open the HDL Coder HDL Workflow Advisor and use it to generate a Simulink Real-Time interface subsystem. This block is located inside the generated Simulink Real-Time interface subsystem. The mask of this block controls the block parameters. Do not edit the parameters directly. The FPGA I/O module block descriptions are for information purposes only. The relevant parameters are promoted to the top level of the generated Simulink Real-Time interface mask.


This driver block has no input and no output port.


FPGA Module Identifier - Unique identifier for FPGA I/O module

1 (default) | n

Enter a unique number. This setting must match the setting of the corresponding design under test (DUT) subsystem generated. This is usually only relevant in a multi-module model, as otherwise the default value 1 is applied. The module identifier ordinal sequence will also correspond to the ordinal sequence of the modules' positions on the PCIe bus. In this way such modules of the same device type can be uniquely identified. For this reason, if multiple modules of the same type are installed in the target machine and one module is not in use within a given model, a bus and slot for the modules which should be used must be specified.

Target Screen Output

This section contains an overview of the output which may be seen on the target machine's display.

Model Initialization

If the amount of passed input arguments for the S-Function is not correct:

  • Wrong number of input arguments passed. 1 arguments are expected.

The cause of this error message could be the mex file missing in the MATLAB path. Please reinstall the HCIP.

Model Start
I2C switch configuration

If a timeout occurs while waiting for the Transmit FIFO Empty interrupt, the following error message will be output:

  • timeout on i2c switch config, while waiting for TXfifo empty

If you see one of the above error messages please contact Support.