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Speedgoat and MathWorks events help to evaluate the best real-time solution for your needs. You'll get exposed to the MathWorks - Speedgoat workflow and test the latest software and hardware products. You can also experience the latest Speedgoat innovations by contacting us for a personalized Speedgoat demo.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs with a Speedgoat representative.


We exhibit at events all around the world. Check if we're coming to your area.

Next Events

Date Title Location
30-October-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Japan Tokyo, Japan
06-November-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 USA
San Jose, USA
27 - 29-November-2018 SPS IPC Drives 2018 Nuremberg, Germany

Recorded Webinars (watch anytime)

Date Title Location
07-June-2018 Model-Based Design to Build and Validate Your Control System for an Industrial PLC using Simulink Online
27-March-2018 Webinar: Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing for power electronics systems modeled in Simulink Online
24-August-2017 Webinar: CPU, FPGA, and I/O Solutions for Real-Time Simulation and Testing with Simulink Online
19-November-2015 Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation and Testing with Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat Target Hardware Online
14-July-2015 Power Electronics and Motor Control Prototyping on CPU/FPGA Target Hardware with Simulink Real-Time Online
18-March-2015 Connecting Hardware to Simulink for Real-time Simulation and Testing
04-June-2014 Rapid Prototyping und HiL - Simulation mit Simulink Real-Time Online
10-April-2014 "Using Speedgoat Target Computer Hardware for Simulink Real-Time" webinar hosted by MathWorks and Speedgoat Online
13-February-2013 A Simulink Real-Time Testing Solution for Power Electronics and Motor Control Online

Past Events

Date Title Location
03-October-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 United Kingdom Silverstone, UK
27 - 28-September-2018 7. Autotest Fachkonferenz Stuttgart, Germany
23 - 27-September-2018 IEEE ENERGY CONVERSION CONGRESS & EXPO Portland Oregon, USA
17 - 21-September-2018 EPE 2018 Riga, Latvia
03-July-2018 MathWorks Automotive Conference Tokyo, Japan
26-June-2018 MathWorks Automotive Conference Shanghai, China
26-June-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Germany Münich, Germany
21-June-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 BELGIUM Gent, Belgium
19-June-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 NETHERLANDS Utrecht, Netherlands
19-June-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 France Paris, France
13 - 15-June-2018 ITEC 2018 Long Beach, USA
05 - 07-June-2018 PCIM EUROPE Nuremberg, Germany
31-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Italy Rom, Italy
30-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Spain Barcelona, Spain
29-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Italy Milano, Italy
24-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Spain Madrid, Spain
23-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
22-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Spain Bilbao, Spain
22-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 China Beijing, China
20 - 24-May-2018 IPEC 2018 ECCE ASIA Niigata, Japan
15-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Finland Helsinki, Finland
02-May-2018 MathWorks Automotive Conference Plymouth, USA
26-April-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 India Pune, India
24-April-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 India Hyderabad, India
19-April-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 India Bangalore, India
17-April-2018 MathWorks Automotive Conference 2018 Stuttgart, Germany
13 - 14-March-2018 18. Internationale Stuttgarter Symposium Stuttgart, Germany
04 - 06-March-2018 Automotive Tech.AD Berlin Berlin, Germany
04 - 08-March-2018 APEC 2018 San Antonio, USA
27 - 01-March-2018 Embedded World 2018 Nuremberg, Germany
07-November-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 United States San Jose, USA
31-October-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 Japan Tokyo, Japan
04-October-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 UK Silverstone, UK
11 - 14-September-2017 EPE 2017 Warsaw, Poland
27-June-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 Germany Munich, Germany
22-June-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 Switzerland Bern, Switzerland
20-June-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 Benelux Eindhoven, Netherlands
20 - 27-June-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 China Shanghai & Beijing, China