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This webinar will show you how to develop and test complete battery management systems (BMS) using Simulink® and Speedgoat Test Systems. Learn how to use Simscape Battery™ to model complete battery packs and to design the required BMS algorithms such as state of charge estimation algorithms. 

As a BMS closely monitors, protects, and manages the load of each battery cell during its lifetime, it is important to thoroughly test its different components, firmware, and cell balancing performance for all operating conditions and fault scenarios using test automation.

Learn how to use Simulink and Speedgoat Test Systems to validate and test a complete BMS including its different components: battery management unit (BMU), cell monitoring units (CMU), and power distribution unit (PDU). Watch a demo of how to mimic the thermo-electrical behavior of multiple battery cells with the Speedgoat Battery Cell Emulator.

Specific topics covered include: 

  • Trends in the development and testing of batteries
  • How to emulate electrical battery cells, temperature sensors, and insert electrical faults for BMS testing
  • A demonstration of how to test BMS hardware using battery cell emulation
  • How to design BMS algorithms with pre-built models from Simscape Battery
  • The capabilities of Simscape Battery to model the thermo-electrical behavior of complete battery packs
  • The availability of ready-made example for instrumentation, graphical user interfaces, and test automation of a complete BMS

The Author

Dr. Carlos Villegas

Dr. Carlos Villegas
Electrification Industry Manager, Speedgoat

Dr. Danielle Chu

Dr. Danielle Chu
Senior Product Marketing Manager - Simscape Battery, MathWorks

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