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Expedite innovation by leveraging modular rack systems with customizations services

Real-time testing and validation often require versatile testing platforms, providing a high number of different signals ranging from low-power communication and sensor signals to high-power actuator signals. Integrating all the necessary components in one standard system and designing signal-conditioning for all interfaces is time-consuming and requires specific expertise.

Rely on the know-how and experience of Speedgoat for standardized yet highly modular rack solutions customized to your needs and concentrate on your actual development tasks instead. Take advantage of ready-to-use systems for automated testing, rapid control prototyping (RCP), hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, and commissioning.  


 "The ability to perform HIL testing allows even the most complex satellite mission operations to be verified on real hardware..”

Tuomas Tikka, Aalto University



Rack System for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation

Speedgoat's modular rack systems integrate real-time target machines with the required connector and cabling harness and signal conditioning so that you can experience a plug-and-play solution when connecting with your ECU in automotive, FADEC in aerospace, PLC in industrial automation, or any other type of controller. You can then run automated tests from your Simulink® plant, sensor, and actuator simulation model using Simulink® TestTM or third-party XIL connected test automation environments.

For an even more realistic test environment, you can also combine virtual plant models with physical loads, sources, and actuators leveraging a hybrid HIL setup. Moreover, physical fault insertion functionality for all individual signals enables you to perform regression tests in a safe environment without harming your physical system.


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Rack System for Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP)

Control setup can become highly complex, such as when controlling or emulating power systems with hundreds of I/O links or nodes or cases where a significant amount of power is required. Speedgoat's modular rack systems integrate all the necessary components, including the target machine, power electronics, physical sensors and actuators, signal conditioning, and provide the required signal routing and connectors. Furthermore, experienced Speedgoat engineers assure that signal integrity and safety requirements are met, enabling you to focus entirely on your control designs' verification and validation.


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Examples of Modular Rack Systems





Power Supplies

Control the power supply of your controller from Simulink® or a graphical user interface designed with MATLAB® App Designer.


Break-Out Panels

Providing easy access to all signals for measurement purposes.



Project-specific signal conditioning for level conversion, galvanic and loop powered isolation.







For example with BNC, XLR or D-Sub connectors for individual access to signals.


Power Sources and Loads

Integrated power sources, inverters, active and passive loads, as well as actuators such as motors, valves or injectors.


Your Choice of Connectors

Connectors with required pinouts to connect with your controller or external sensors and actuators.

Your Key Benefits


Commissioning and Training

All rack systems undergo extensive testing, including testing electrical characteristics and signal routing for each signal using Simulink® test models.

Factory and on-site acceptance testing are available and can be combined with customized jumpstart workshops, tailored to your specific configuration.

Project Management and Support engineers provide further assistance while operating.


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