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Leverage Signal Conditioning Modules to Interface the Real-Time Test System with your Device Under Test

Benefit from a wide range of signal conditioning solutions to interface your control hardware with Speedgoat I/O modules. Standard signal conditioning modules as well as solutions tailored to your needs ensure full matching of physical interconnections and signal levels.

Signal conditioning solutions are available as:

  • Modular Signal Conditioning Platform as part of rack systems
  • Rack mounting solution with DIN-rail blocks
  • Fully integrated solution in real-time test system to expand capabilities of I/O modules
  • Breakout boxes for easy access to signals

Contact our Sales team regarding the different signal conditioning solutions with different capabilities, dimensions, and integrations.

You can design and integrate your specific signal conditioning requirements into different form factors.

Signal Conditioning Solutions

Signal Conditioning solutions are available for Speedgoat I/O modules on request. Typical solutions can cover analog and digital voltage amplifiers, switching solutions with low and high currents, measurement units or optical interfaces.


Signal Conditioning Module Core Capabilities
Voltage Amplifier:
  • Operational amplifier with output voltage from -70V to +70V or 0-70V, <50mA, 12MHz BW
Current Source and Sink:
  • Source and sink currents proportional to analog voltage +/- 50mA to +/- 100mA
Digital Signal Conditioning Module for 12V, 24V, and 28V Systems:
  • Isolated high-speed digital in- and outputs with 12/24/28V-to-TTL, and TTL-to-12/24/28V PWM signal conversion up to 50kHz.
  • Isolated high-current digital outputs up to 10A for actuator switching up to 1kHz
Optical Signal Conditioning Module for 1 mm POF and 200 µm PCS:
  • Conversion of optical signals to TTL, and TTL to optical with up to 10MBaud.
  • Conversion of optical input signals to M-LVDS and M-LVDS to optical outputs with up to 50MBaud



Typical Modular Signal Conditioning Platform as part of Rack Systems






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