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Several industry trends are impacting how engineering teams develop and test.

For example, engineers need digital twin testing solutions that can combine electrical and thermal simulations and reduce dependencies on physical hardware. They need to be able to anticipate interoperability issues between onboard chargers and evolving charging station standards. Also, teams are required to scale test solutions to include full-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid simulations.

In this webinar, you'll learn about an end-to-end model-based design workflow leveraging digital twins and modular HIL testbenches.

The webinar will feature demonstrations leveraging Speedgoat and MathWorks® solutions for EV powertrain testing. You'll see Simulink® hands-on demonstrations for:

  • Multi-domain full-vehicle simulation
  • Motor and power converter controller testing using full-switching FPGA simulation and test the power converter at full power levels
  • Testing of battery management systems using battery cell emulation hardware
  • Automated requirements-based testing and continuous integration workflows

The Author

Rohan Dhuri

Rohan Dhuri
Technical Marketing Engineer

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