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Speedgoat Utilities Receive Frame

Speedgoat Utilities Receive Frame — The Receive frame block counts and deconstructs axi stream data packets received over Aurora links.


  • >> speedgoatlib_hdlCoder_utilities_axi


This block is a helper block for decoding frames of a fixed size from an AXI-stream source.


The ports of the block.

In Ports

Together, the input ports form an axi stream bus.


This is a standard axi stream valid port corresponding with the data and last ports.


This is a standard axi stream data port corresponding to the valid and last ports.


This is a standard axi stream last port corresponding to the data and valid port.

Out Ports

This is a free-running counter whose value can be compared to the data coming in on the receiving end of the link (if the data is linked back to the input) to determine the total link latency.


This outputs the number of data values that were acquired either in the last data beat, or a running total.


This is the beat data that has been generated, including the counter value, and an embedded sine wave signal.


This pulses high when a packet with a length that does not match the maximum number of data beats is received.


The "maximum number of data beats" sets the expected length of the packet. The "number of bit" field sets the bitwidth of the data signal. The "latch outputs" checkbox causes the signals frame_data and numBeats to latch on tlast.