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Development Computer Communication Setup

Development Computer Communication Setup

Windows Network Settings Configuration

To establish communication with your target machine, you must first configure or verify the network settings on your Windows development computer.

By default your target machine comes with all necessary software pre-installed. Furthermore Speedgoat have pre-configured TCP/IP settings on your target machine as follows:

Target machine IP address192.168.7.1
Subnet mask255.255.255.0

With these IP target settings, you can use the following configuration on the development computer:

Development computer IP address192.168.7.2
Subnet mask255.255.255.0

If you are going to use a point-to-point Ethernet connection, locate a free Ethernet port on your development computer.

If you want to connect the target machine to an existing network, there's no need to modify the IP settings on your development computer. In this case, please contact your IT department or system administrator for a static IP, subnet mask and gateway for your target machine. Configure these values and then move on to the next chapter "MATLAB Network Settings".

The network settings of the your real-time target machine can be changed by configuring a new kernel (see Kernel configuration and transfer).

To communicate with the target computer using Ethernet, perform a one-time configuration of your development computer Ethernet port to use Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) only:

  1. On your development computer, from the Control Panel, navigate to Network and Sharing Center.

  2. Click the Local Area Connection for the Ethernet adapter you are using. It is most likely listed as Unidentified network.

  3. Click the Properties button.

  4. In the Networking pane, clear all check boxes.

  5. Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) check box.

  6. Click the Properties button.

  7. Select the Use the following IP address check box.

    Configure the IP address boxes as follows:

    IP address —

    Subnet mask —

    Default gateway — leave blank

  8. Click the OK button.

MATLAB Network Settings

The MATLAB environment must be configured with the target IP settings.

To configure the network settings, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Simulink Real-Time Explorer by typing slrtexplr at the MATLAB command prompt.

    Note: In case there is no target in the Targets window, add a new target PC (e.g. TargetPC1) by navigating to File, Add Target. On the other hand, if you have more than one target defined, make sure to set the configuration to the current "default target".

  2. Select the default target Properties and select the "Host-to-Target communication" section. If you want to use Speedgoat default settings, configure as follows, otherwise insert your own network settings.

    Host target communicationTCP/IP
    IP address192.168.7.1
    TCP/IP target port22222
    LAN subnet mask address255.255.255.0
    TCP/IP gateway address255.255.255.255
    TCP/IP target driverRefer to the Technical Reference Manual or label on the target machine
    TCP/IP target busPCI
  3. Save and exit Simulink Real-Time Explorer