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Target Computer Setup

Target Computer Setup


The speedgoat.kernelTransfer tool updates the kernel and the network settings of the target machine.

Speedgoat real-time target machines are pre-configured to store the kernel image on the main drive. However, you can also use the network boot option to load the kernel image on-the-fly using the dedicated server integrated in the Simulink Real-Time tools.

Configuration and transfer of the Simulink Real-Time kernel to your target machine is required if:

  • you want to assign new TCP/IP communication settings to your target machine

  • the Simulink Real-Time kernel version installed on your target machine does not match the Simulink Real-Time version installed on your development computer (different MATLAB release or a patched/updated version)

  • you want to load a kernel with different options e.g. single-core instead of multi-core, USB support enabled / disabled, graphics or text mode.


User Options
  • Kernel file: You have the possibility to create a new kernel or to send an already existing kernel file (.rtb). If the 'Send existing' option is chosen, the edit field for browsing an existing kernel file will be enabled (situated under transfer options). Existing kernel files include Standalone kernels.

  • Acquire settings: When you choose to acquire settings from the target machine, the 'Target driver', 'Ethernet index' and the 'Multicore CPU' option will be set according to the connected target machine.

Target & Current Network Settings
  • Select target: Select the target machine. To check the Host-Target connection, the connect button can be used.

  • Current Network settings: Current network settings for the selected target machine. If you want to acquire settings from the target machine or want to transfer the kernel via Ethernet, these settings have to match the current target settings.

New Kernel Settings

If creating a new kernel these are the settings which will be considered. The settings are logged in the sgkernel.txt stored in prefdir\Speedgoatkernel.

  • Mode: Normal mode is using the DOSLoader as boot mode. Networkboot will create a boot image. To create a standalone kernel, select the Simulink Real-Time model.

  • Target network settings: The network settings for the new kernel. Target driver and Ethernet Index will be enabled depending on the choice of 'Acquire settings' (see User options above).

  • Target settings: Optional settings for the kernel.

Transfer Option
  • Destination: Choose this option if you want to store the kernel file locally.

  • Ethernet transfer: This option will attempt to send the kernel file via the Host-Link ethernet connection. The '<existing kernel file>' field gets enabled when choosing to send an existing kernel file (see 'User options' above).

Kernel Configuration and Transfer

The following sections describes the various kernel configurations and transfer options step by step.