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IO108 Pin Mapping

IO108 Pin Mapping — Reference information about the I/O module connector

PinSignal Differential ModePinSignal Differential Mode
1Analog Output 01 (-)35 
2Analog Output 01 (+)36 
3Output Return37 
4Output Return38 
5Analog Output 02 (-)39 
6Analog Output 02 (+)40 
7Output Return41 
8Output Return42 
9Analog Output 03 (-)43 
10Analog Output 03 (+)44 
11Output Return45 
12Output Return46 
13Analog Output 04 (-)47 
14Analog Output 04 (+)48 
15Output Return49 
16Output Return50 
17Analog Output 05 (-)51 
18Analog Output 05 (+)52 
19Output Return53 
20Output Return54 
21Analog Output 06 (-)55Output Return
22Analog Output 06 (+)56REM GND SENSE
23Output Return57Output Return
24Output Return58VTEST OUT
25Analog Output 07 (-)59VTEST Return
26Analog Output 07 (+)60Digital Return
27Output Return61TRIG IN (+)
28Output Return62TRIG IN (-)
29Analog Output 08 (-)63TRIG OUT (+)
30Analog Output 08 (+)64TRIG OUT (-)
31Output Return65DAC CLK OUT (+)
32Output Return66DAC CLK OUT (-)
33 67CLOCK I/O (+)
34 68CLOCK I/O (-)

The differential analog output configuration is shown. For the single-ended output version, analog output XX (+) is an output, and analog output XX (-) should be left disconnected.