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IO112 - Analog input

IO112 - Analog input — Reads the IO112 analog inputs


Simulink Real-Time - Speedgoat


This is the default driver block for acquiring analog input channels from the IO112 I/O module. This driver block combines the conversion start and channel read functionality into one block. If you want to separate the start conversion and channel read functionality in your model (as for inter-module synchronized acquisition), use the Start conversion and Read channels driver blocks instead.


This driver block has one output port returning the acquired analog input channels (see Number of Channels parameter in the dialog box of the Setup block).

The single output port returns a vector with the number of elements as defined in the Number of Channels field of the Setup block. Each element is of double type and outputs the acquired channel value in volts depending on the Range setting. The Demux or Selection block from the Simulink library can be used to access individual channels in your model.

1..X (X is the last channel as defined in the module's Setup block)

A vector with n elements (where n is the number of selected analog input channels). Each element corresponds to the value from an A/D channel in volts.

Data Type: double


The configuration details are all defined in the setup block.

Module ID

This ID defines the link to the corresponding Setup block.

Sample Time

Defines the base sample time at which this driver block gets its sample hit. This parameter can also be set to -1 for inherited sample time. The units are in seconds.