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IO117 Pin Mapping

IO117 Pin Mapping — Reference information about the I/O module connector

Front I/O

PinSignal (Single-Ended Mode)Signal (Differential Mode)PinSignal (Single-Ended Mode)Signal (Differential Mode)
1Input 01Input 01 (+)26Input 25Input 09 (-)
2Input 17Input 01 (-)27Analog GNDAnalog GND
3Analog GNDAnalog GND28Analog GNDAnalog GND
4Analog GNDAnalog GND29Input 10Input 10 (+)
5Input 02Input 02 (+)30Input 26Input 10 (-)
6Input 18Input 02 (-)31Input 11Input 11 (+)
7Input 03Input 03 (+)32Input 27Input 11 (-)
8Input 19Input 03 (-)33Analog GNDAnalog GND
9Analog GNDAnalog GND34Analog GNDAnalog GND
10Analog GNDAnalog GND35Input 12Input 12 (+)
11Input 04Input 04 (+)36Input 28Input 12 (-)
12Input 20Input 04 (-)37Input 13Input 13 (+)
13Input 05Input 05 (+)38Input 29Input 13 (-)
14Input 21Input 05 (-)39Analog GNDAnalog GND
15Analog GNDAnalog GND40Analog GNDAnalog GND
16Analog GNDAnalog GND41Input 14Input 14 (+)
17Input 06Input 06 (+)42Input 30Input 14 (-)
18Input 22Input 06 (-)43Input 15Input 15 (+)
19Input 07Input 07 (+)44Input 31Input 15 (-)
20Input 23Input 07 (-)45Analog GNDAnalog GND
21Analog GNDAnalog GND46Analog GNDAnalog GND
22Analog GNDAnalog GND47Input 16Input 16 (+)
23Input 08Input 08 (+)48Input 32Input 16 (-)
24Input 24Input 08 (-)49--
25Input 09Input 09 (+)50--

Make sure that all unused analog input pins are tied to the AGND signal level (or any other valid signal level within the analog input voltage range). This is required even if the unused channels are turned off by software. If unused analog inputs are left floating, they could badly degrade the performance of the active channels.