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IO142 Pin Mapping

IO142 Pin Mapping — Reference information about the I/O module connector

Front Connector

PinSignal (Single-Ended Mode)Signal (Differential Mode)PinSignal (Single-Ended Mode)Signal (Differential Mode)
1Analog Input 07Analog Input 04 (+)35Analog Input 08Analog Input 04 (-)
2Analog Input 05Analog Input 03 (+)36Analog Input 06Analog Input 03 (-)
4Analog Input 03Analog Input 02 (+)38Analog Input 04Analog Input 02 (-)
5Analog Input 01Analog Input 01 (+)39Analog Input 02Analog Input 01 (-)
6Analog Input 15Analog Input 12 (+)40Analog Input 16Analog Input 12 (-)
7Analog Input 13Analog Input 11 (+)41Analog Input 14Analog Input 11 (-)
9Analog Input 11Analog Input 10 (+)43Analog Input 12Analog Input 10 (-)
10Analog Input 09Analog Input 09 (+)44Analog Input 10Analog Input 09 (-)
11Analog Input 23Analog Input 20 (+)45Analog Input 24Analog Input 20 (-)
12Analog Input 21Analog Input 19 (+)46Analog Input 22Analog Input 19 (-)
14Analog Input 19Analog Input 18 (+)48Analog Input 20Analog Input 18 (-)
15Analog Input 17Analog Input 17 (+)49Analog Input 18Analog Input 17 (-)
16Analog Input 31Analog Input 28 (+)50Analog Input 32Analog Input 28 (-)
17Analog Input 29Analog Input 27 (+)51Analog Input 30Analog Input 27 (-)
19Analog Input 27Analog Input 26 (+)53Analog Input 28Analog Input 26 (-)
20Analog Input 25Analog Input 25 (+)54Analog Input 26Analog Input 25 (-)
21Analog Output 4-55GND-
22Analog Output 3-56GND-
23Analog Output 2-57GND-
24Analog Output 1-58GND-
25Analog Output 8-59GND-
26Analog Output 7-60GND-
27Analog Output 6-61GND-
28Analog Output 5-62GND-
30Digital I/O 1-64Digital I/O 2 -
31Digital I/O 3-65Digital I/O 4 -
32GND-66GND -
33Digital I/O 5-67Digital I/O 6 -
34Digital I/O 7-68Digital I/O 8 -

Unused analog input pins must be connected to GND.

The signal level of the analog input pins on the I/O connector must not exceed 12.288 V (referenced to ground).