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IO109 — High-resolution 24-bit sigma-delta analog module with 12 differential analog input channels


This I/O module is a high-end, low-noise analog module with 12 differential input channels and a resolution of 24 bits. Each of the 12 input channels has its dedicated DC-coupled Sigma-Delta A/D converter with an update time of 5 µs. Each converter integrates a 2-pole lowpass analog filter with a software selectable cut-off frequency of either 40 kHz or 270 kHz.

Select this I/O module for precise voltage measurements, the acquisition of audio signals, and other high dynamic-range signal measurements. Several IO109 I/O modules can be synchronized to form a high-channel-count, high-resolution A/D subsystem. Synchronization can also be accomplished with analog output modules such as the IO107 and IO108 I/O modules to form a phase-locked I/O subsystem ideal for audio applications.

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