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IO134 — Fast, simultaneous-sampling, 16-bit analog input module


The IO134 I/O module is a 16-bit analog and digital module providing 32 simultaneous sampling differential analog input channels and 8 digital TTL I/O lines.

  • 32 analog input channels featuring:

    • True differential inputs

    • Simultaneous sampling

    • Voltage ranges of ±5 V and ±10 V (one common setting for 8 channels)

    • Maximum sample rate: 200 kS/s

    • Oversampling capability with digital filter

    • Frame based autonomous data transfer (DMA)

  • 8 digital I/O channels featuring:

    • Output driver LVTTL 3.3 V (5 V output selectable - only for high-impedance loads)

    • Input driver 5 V tolerant

    • Configurable debounce filter

    • ESD protection


This driver version does not yet support multi-board synchronization and temperature compensation.