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IO291 — Digital I/O module with isolated inputs, solid state FET outputs and LVTTL I/O lines.


The IO291 I/O module is a digital module providing eight optically isolated non-polarized inputs with up to 48 VDC, eight fully protected FET output switches with 5 to 48 VDC at up to 1 A (high-side) or up to 0.5 A (low-side) and eight LVTTL I/O channels programmable as inputs or outputs in groups of 4 lines.

  • Eight FET output channels featuring:

    • High-side or low-side power MOSFET switches (optionally available)

    • 5 to 48 VDC output voltage range (must be supplied externally)

    • Up to 1 A (high-side) or up to 0.5 A (low-side) current rating per channel

  • Eight isolated input channels featuring:

    • Non-polarized, optically isolated from each other (polarity insensitive)

    • Up to 48 VDC input voltage range

    • Logical switching level (depending on order option)

  • Eight digital LVTTL I/O channels:

    • Programmable as inputs or outputs in groups of four lines

    • Featuring digital outputs: 24 mA source, 24 mA sink