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speedgoat.configureEthernet — Open the Speedgoat tool to configure the Ethernet interfaces


This Speedgoat API function opens the Speedgoat Ethernet Configuration Tool (refer to the integrated or web help documentation) which allows you to configure all general-purpose Ethernet interfaces on your Speedgoat real-time target machine. This includes both on-board interfaces as well as additional interfaces provided by I/O modules such as IO71X or IO791.

The tool enables you to set the IP address and subnet mask for all IP-based protocols or dedicate an interface to be used by the EtherCAT Master protocol stack.

You can also use the tool to configure the Host Link to use a different interface, and change the default gateway of your Speedgoat real-time target machine.


Open the Speedgoat Ethernet Configuration Tool:



This function requires an Ethernet connection to your Speedgoat real-time target machine.