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Audio and Speech

Audio and Speech — Speedgoat I/O modules for audio and speech


Speedgoat provides the most effective path to innovate and prove ideas for audio communication applications such as digital signal processing (DSP) for hearing aids. The range of capabilities includes:

  • Highest computational performance to minimize calculation time for complex algorithmic models

  • High performance analog input and output I/O connectivity

  • Interface patch panels e.g. with balanced XLR and LEMO connectors

  • Custom cabinets or racks combining the components to a complete package

  • Low noise operation

  • Possibility to interact with other real-time systems (e.g. to simulate both the left and right ears of a hearing aid)

Audio and Speech I/O Modules

IO104 Very fast 16-bit analog module with 8 simultaneous sampling analog input channels, 4 analog output channels, 16 digital TTL channels
IO107 Fast 16-bit analog module with 16 differential analog output channels
IO108 Fast 16-bit analog module with 8 differential analog output channels
IO109 High-resolution 24-bit sigma-delta analog module with 12 differential analog input channels