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FPGA Technology

FPGA Technology — Speedgoat FPGA Technology


Controls, signal processing, vision, and plant-simulation applications frequently require high-frequency acquisition and signal generation of analog and digital signals using ADCs and DACs, I/O connectivity, fiber-optic transceivers as well as high-speed protocols. Speedgoat FPGA technology provides high-frequency I/O connectivity, communication protocols and closed-loop rates up to 10 MHz. The FPGA product offer includes:

Programmable FPGA

Programmable FPGAs are suitable for the most demanding applications, with closed-loop bandwidths in the range of MHz. Automatic HDL code generation directly from MATLAB & Simulink is supported using the HDL Coder from MathWorks.

Configurable FPGA

Configurable FPGAs are suitable for high frequency I/O connectivity and industrial protocols, but with closed-loop sample rates below 20 kHz. FPGA code modules are used to provide I/O connectivity, I/O hardware emulation, and a wide range of communication protocols.

FPGA I/O Modules Speedgoat FPGA I/O modules
FPGA Code Modules Speedgoat FPGA code modules