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Vibration — Speedgoat I/O modules for audio and speech


Speedgoat offers a range of solutions for IEPE/ICP vibration transducer measurement using dedicated analog I/O modules or external couplers connected via EtherCAT networks.

Analog I/O Modules for Vibration Applications

IO104 Very fast 16-bit analog module with 8 simultaneous sampling analog input channels, 4 analog output channels, 16 digital TTL channels
IO106 Fast 16-bit analog module with 64/32 multiplexed analog input channels
IO109 High-resolution 24-bit sigma-delta analog module with 12 differential analog input channels
IO112 High-resolution 16 or 18-bit simultaneous sampling analog input I/O module with 4, 8, 16, or 32 differential channels
IO33X-6 front plug-in16 x 16-bit 500kHz ADs, 8 x 16-bit DAs with 10us settling time, 16 x digital TTL I/O lines

EtherCAT Master I/O Modules to Connect to BECKHOFF Coupler with IEPE

IO710Gigabit Ethernet I/O module with 1 port
IO712Gigabit Ethernet I/O module with 2 ports
IO713Gigabit Ethernet I/O module with 4 ports
IO715Gigabit Ethernet I/O module with 4 ports

Support for EtherCAT Master protocol is provided by MathWorks. Refer to the EtherCAT integrated or web documentation.