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OPC UA Server

Simulink Driver Blocks for OPC UA Communication

OPC UA server blocks allow users to add OPC UA objects and variables to the hierarchical node tree of a local server. Remote OPC UA clients can connect to the server to read and write the nodes. The driver blocks handle the data exchange between the clients and the application running on the real-time target computer. 

OPC UA is ideal for testing various applications running on different levels of industrial plants and related IT systems:

  1. Test programmable logic controllers (PLC) on the control level by simulating field-level devices such as inverters and I/O-Link gateways.
  2. Test supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems on the enterprise level by simulating the server interfaces of the programmable logic controllers.
  3. Test the applications and services running in the cloud by simulating whatever part of the machine is feeding the cloud.

Get started with OPC UA by adding the driver blocks to your Simulink model. No additional tools are required to get it running. OPC UA is supported both on the Ethernet interfaces of the real-time target machines and over plug-in Ethernet I/O modules (see Hardware Selection Guide).


Key Features

  • Simulation of multiple servers on one target machine
  • Supports read and write services as defined in the Data Access part of the OPC UA specification
  • Supports subscriptions and monitored items
  • Map the structure of the Simulink model to the OPC UA node tree easily
  • TCP/IP communication layer allows update rates of up to 1 kHz
  • Asynchronous data exchange saves computing time for real-time tasks


I/O Access  
Communication standard  Implementation according to the OPC UA Online Reference
Maximum number of servers  Only depends on the system resources
Number of servers per machine Multiple Ethernet interfaces can be fitted to a target machine

Each Ethernet interface can be connected to another OPC UA network

One Ethernet interface can represent multiple clients through IP aliasing

Data Access On demand
Historical Access

On demand

Alarm and Conditions On demand
Programs On demand
Authentication Anonymous
Security On demand
Discovery On demand
PubSub On demand

0, 1

(Additional namespaces on demand)

Node classes

Objects, Variables

(Data Types, Methods on demand)

Object types BaseObjectType
Variable types BaseDataVariableType
Data types Boolean, SByte, Byte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Float, Double
Node identifier types Numeric, String, GUID, Opaque
Item ID Product Name Components
2A727 OPC UA Server Runtime License
  • 1 x OPC UA Server Runtime License
  • Driver block library for Simulink Real-Time 
  • Comprehensive documentation and Simulink example models 



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OPC UA Server

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