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Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing (HIL) for Real-Time Plant Simulation

Speedgoat real-time target machines provide you with convenient and powerful solutions for running complex physical models designed with MATLAB & Simulink, Simulink Real-Time, Stateflow, Simscape, Simscape Electrical (formerly SimPowerSystems), or any other MathWorks software tool on highest performance multi-core CPUs and FPGAs.

Specialized I/O modules installed in the target machine allow you to simulate devices such as absolute and incremental encoder sensors, high precision thermocouples, strain gauges, transformers with LVDT/RVDT or synchro/resolver interfaces, or power electronics components by leveraging FPGA-based modules with analog and digital I/O. Many communications protocols are available, including CAN, FlexRay, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, EtherCAT, real-time UDP and XCP.

Common Applications

  • Combustion engines, and electric and hybrid motors
  • Vehicle, airplane, and satellite components
  • Battery pack emulation
  • Environmental conditions
  • Power electronics including inverters, and grid simulation
  • Structural simulations
  • Fault insertion


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Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing (HIL) for Real-Time Plant Simulation

Learn more about hardware in the loop (HIL) simulation with Speedgoat solutions or read the whitepaper on how to "Perform hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation with MATLAB and Simulink to Test and Validate Control Algorithms".

Development computer

Real-time target machine simulating plant

Hardware under test with
sensor and actuator interfaces



  • Highest performance real-time target machines supporting real-time runs on multiple cores, target machines, and FPGA-based I/O modules
  • Lowest latency fiber-optic gigabit synchronization links between multiple real-time target machines and FPGA-based I/O modules
  • Hard real-time operation with real-time systems fully assembled and tested to your needs with components available off the shelf
  • Support for closed-loop sample rates from 1 kHz up to multiple MHz, depending on hardware and workflow (C/C++ or HDL code generation)
  • Your project specific sample rate, I/O, and environmental requirements guaranteed to be met
  • Flexible I/O and protocols expansion support: over 200 I/O modules are available, and over 50 I/O modules can be installed into a single real-time target system with expansion chassis
  • Long-term availability of 7+ years for most components
  • CE/FCC compliance


  • Create real-time applications to run on Speedgoat solutions using Simulink Real-Time
  • Create plant designs using Simulink and powerful physical modeling tools such as Simscape, Simscape Power Systems, or Simscape Multibody
  • Drag and drop Speedgoat I/O driver blocks to your Simulink model, and configure signal parameters via easy to use dialog fields
  • Autogenerate C/HDL code from Simulink controls design and execute on multi-core CPUs and optional FPGAs
  • Implement your plant design and run on the real-time system within seconds
  • Tune signal parameters on the fly during real-time execution, and immediately monitor the effects
  • Automatically perform a wide range of tests using Simulink Test, MicroNova EXAM, Tracetronic ECU-TEST, MATLAB scripts, or Simulink Real-Time explorer
  • Create graphical user interfaces simply using Simulink Real-Time together with MATLAB App Designer, .NET or C/C++ interfaces



Save costs and reduce risks

  • Reduce costs by increasing the speed and scope of continuous verification and validation
  • Perform tests beyond the range of normal parameters or plant capabilities without risking damage to equipment
  • Lower innovation costs by being able to continuously try new ideas, even when the actual plant is not available

Shorten time-to-market

  • Shift the traditional sequential V-diagram to a circular workflow to enable continuous verification and validation of your designs at the earliest possible stages
  • Unlike physical plants, real-time simulators can easily be expanded with new I/O at any time

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