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Configurable FPGA I/O Modules

Configurable FPGA I/O modules provide a flexible and cost-effective way to configure and reconfigure I/O and protocol functionalities for a set of FPGA code modules that are delivered as custom implementation files.

FPGA code modules are delivered with Simulink® driver blocks and test models, and are ideal for HIL emulation and high-frequency motion controls. Applications range from PWM generation and capture, encoder measurement and simulation, to standard communication protocols such as SPI and I2C. Additional support is also provided for triggering and synchronization requirements, as well as general-purpose analog and digital I/O connectivity.

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Configurable FPGA I/O Modules Selection Guide

Choose the Configurable FPGA I/O modules providing the best fit for your selection of FPGA code modules. In addition, some configurable FPGA I/O modules provide additional analog I/O connectivity.

I/O module Front I/O lines Rear I/O lines Form factor
IO306 64 x TTL   PMC
IO307 32 x TTL
16 x RS-422/RS-485
IO316 64 x TTL 64 LVCMOS or 32 LVDS
Selectable rear plug-ins
IO317 32 x TTL
16 x RS-422/RS-485
64 LVCMOS or 32 LVDS
Selectable rear plug-ins
IO318 32 x RS-422/RS-485 64 LVCMOS or 32 LVDS
Selectable rear plug-ins
IO323 48 TTL
32 x 16-bit analog in
8 x 16-bit analog out
64 LVCMOS or 32 LVDS
3 x MGT
Selectable rear plug-ins
IO391 26 x TTL   mPCIe
IO392 13 x RS-422/RS-485   mPCIe

14 x TTL
6 x RS-422/RS-485


Note: Programmable FPGA I/O modules can follow the same workflow as configurable FPGAs. That is, they can use FPGA code modules as Custom Implementations as well.