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SENT Transmitter Code Module

The SENT SAE-J2716 protocol is a one-way, point-to-point scheme for transmitting signals from a sensor to an electronic control unit (ECU). It is typically used in the automotive industry as a cost-effective alternative to analog sensors due to its high resolution, cost-effectiveness and immunity to harsh environments with electromagnetic interference. The SAE-J2716 protocol, also referred to as Single Edge Nibble Transmission (SENT), transmits pulses containing 4-bit data nibbles. Each pulse has a variable duration dependent on the data. The physical layer of SENT SAE-J2716 consists of a three-wire interface between the sensor and the ECU: one for sensor power, one for ground and a single wire for data.

Speedgoat provides support for SENT SAE-J2716 transmission and reception with code modules running on Simulink®-programmable FPGA I/O modules. This flexible solution enables users to measure multiple SENT sensors or actuators for rapid control prototyping and also emulate multiple SENT devices for hardware-in-the-loop testing. All code modules come with driver blocks for Simulink® Real-Time™.


This code module offers SENT:

  • Transmitter functionality, and
  • Receiver functionality.


Item ID Product Name Components
303COM  Communication HDL I/O Blockset 
  • Simulink® blocks and the corresponding VHDL files to use code module functionality in the HDL Coder™ workflow  
  • Simulink® example model 
  • Simulink® library for configuration and utility blocks 
  • Comprehensive documentation  
203XXA  Configuration File
  • IO functionality (configuration file) according to customer requirements
  • Simulink® example model 
  • Simulink® library  
  • Comprehensive documentation   

This code module is normally delivered as part of a custom implementation with your chosen functionality and I/O count. Please contact us for further information.

Pricing information
We do not publish pricing information on our website. Upon request by e-mail or phone, we can provide a complete price list covering our entire product portfolio in various currencies. We recommend that you contact us to discuss your specific needs. We can then quickly provide you with a tailored quotation including technical and pricing information.


Included in delivery

For our configurable I/O modules, offered as part of a Custom Implementation Package: 

  • IO functionality (configuration file) according to customer requirements
  • Simulink® example models 
  • Simulink® library 
  • Comprehensive documentation 

For our Simulink-programmable FPGA I/O modules, offered as part of the Communication HDL I/O Blockset: 

  • Simulink® blocks and the corresponding VHDL files to use code module functionality in the HDL Coder™ workflow 
  • Simulink® library, a sample Simulink model and comprehensive documentation 

Supported I/O modules

  • All configurable and Simulink®-programmable FPGA I/O modules featuring digital I/O lines  


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