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Developing and Testing Control Systems with MATLAB and Simulink

Testing designs continuously is critical for developing future-proof controls systems. We will cover testing tasks along your development path, from testing early prototypes, hardware-in-the-loop testing of your digital twins up to making sure embedded controllers are validated and verified. Benefit from the interactive real-time testing workflows based on Simulink Real-Time™ together with Speedgoat testing solutions. The webinar offers you an engaging learning experience by exposing you to a broad set of real-life testing scenarios, including real-time interactions with digital twin simulators and physical systems, such as motion sensors, electric motors, and robot manipulators.

Topics that we will cover include:

  • Run mixed-signal and real-time measurements and analysis
  • Perform interactive signal and parameter instrumentation with Simulink and MATLAB® apps
  • Prepare and execute automated runs with Simulink Test and MATLAB® scripts
  • Co-simulate with third-party environments 
  • Learn how to test with greater flexibility with standalone test setups
  • Quickly adapt to new project needs with reconfigurable I/O

The Authors

Timo Strässle

Timo Strässle
Application Engineer

Daniel Fonte

Daniel Fonte
Head of Application Engineering

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