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COMPISO System Unit Interface

Fiber-Optic Interface for COMPISO System Unit from EGSTON Power

The COMPISO System Unit (CSU) fiber-optic interface enables you to connect and control EGSTON Power CSU100 and CSU200 power amplifiers, by representing them in the Simulink real-time model. The power amplifiers from EGSTON Power add the power interface to your simulation, which allows you to simulate real systems, for example; electric motors, smart grid, generators, inverters, aircraft systems, electric vehicles, batteries, solar panels, and windmills.

Use the ready-to-deploy example model to extend your Simulink model with the CSU interface. Use the library blocks to deploy the CSU interface alongside your model to a Speedgoat-programmable FPGA I/O module to achieve faster sample rates and lower round-trip delays.

Key Features

  • Support of EGSTON Power CSU100 and CSU200 power amplifiers
  • Model-based implementation of protocol that can be easily extended
  • Protocol version and operation mode is accessible in CPU utility blocks
  • Watch-dog functionality for safety shut-down
  • Utility blocks with setpoint input, as well as measured current and voltage outputs
  • Block mask for easy system configuration
EGSTON Power CSU Interface  
Operation Modes Voltage and current source operation modes with CSU100 or CSU200 (4GAMP or 6GAMP) according to EGSTON Power SFP HIL Interface Specification 2.5
Interface monitoring Frame jitter measurement, frame message sequence monitoring
Timing The EGSTON Power COMPISO System Unit is the timing master of the interface with a frame interval of 4 us
Aurora Specification  
Line rate 5 Gbps
Encoding 8B / 10B
Mode Framing mode
Byte Sequence Big endian
Item ID Product Name Components
303CSU Speedgoat-CSU HDL I/O Blockset
  • The Speedgoat - CSU HDL I/O Blockset makes it easy to integrate the required code module functionalities into your HDL Coder workflow. This package contains the functionality to communicate with EGSTON Power CSU100 and CSU200 power amplifiers and the functionality to emulate a CSU100 and CSU200 interface
  • Simulink library containing configuration and utility blocks
  • Simulink example model
  • Comprehensive documentation

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COMPISO System Unit Interface

Included in the Delivery

    Software to support the COMPISO System Unit (CSU) for Simulink-programmable FPGA I/O modules as part of the Speedgoat - CSU HDL I/O Blockset:
  • Library with Simulink blocks for implementation of the protocol layer on the Simulink-programmable FPGA I/O module
  • Library with blocks for easy configuration of the operation mode using the block mask
  • Ready-to-deploy example model including FPGA configuration file to get you started immediately
  • Comprehensive documentation

Common Applications

  • Power Hardware-in-the-loop
  • Grid emulation
  • Motor emulation
  • Inverter emulation

Supported I/O modules

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