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IO115 - Analog output

IO115 - Analog output — Writes the IO115 analog outputs


Simulink Real-Time - Speedgoat


To write to the analog outputs exactly one of these blocks must be added to your model for each module of this type in your target machine.


This driver block has n scalar input ports of type double where n is the number of selected analog output channels. Each port (signal) accepts the D/A value to be output in Volts.

X (X is the D/A channel number)

The value to be output from D/A channel X in Volts. Type double.


IO115 module identifier

The module identifier of the IO115 module you wish this block to reference. If your target machine only contains one IO115 module then leave the default value (1).

Board type

Select the specific type of IO115.

Channel vector

Select the active input channels in a vector. The IO115 supports 16 or 32 DA channels, depending on the board type. The order inside the vector defines the input port order on the Analog output block.

Reset vector

Define if the Initial Values shall also be applied after the model is stopped. The behavior can be set individually for each channel using a vector which maps to the Channel vector. A scalar applies to all defined channels. '1' means "use Initial Value" and '0' means "keep the latest value".

Initial value vector

Define the initial voltage level on the analog outputs after the model is download. The voltages can be set individually by entering a vector, which maps to the Channel vector. A scalar value applies to all defined channels.

Sample time

Defines the base sample time at which this driver block gets its sample hit. It can also be set to -1 for inherited sample time. Units are seconds.

PCI slot

If only one module of this type is present in the target machine, leave as default ('-1') to automatically locate the board. If more than one module of this type is present, enter the bus number and the PCI slot number of the board associated with this driver block using the format '[BusNumber, SlotNumber]'. To determine the bus number and the PCI slot number, in the MATLAB Command Window type:


Due to the fact that Mathworks provides its own drivers for the IO115-16 and the IO115-32, you will not see the speedgoat name for those board types in the output of 'speedoat.showInstalledIoModules'. Here's the expected output when all three types are installed in one target machine: