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IO183 Pin Mapping

IO183 Pin Mapping — Reference information about the I/O module connector

Connector A

PinSignal (Single-Ended Mode)Signal (Differential Mode)
1Analog Output 01Analog Output 01
2Analog Output 02Analog Output 02
3Analog Output 03Analog Output 03
4Analog Output 04Analog Output 04
5Analog GroundAnalog Ground
6Analog GroundAnalog Ground
7Analog Input 01Analog Input 01 (-)
8Analog Input 02Analog Input 01 (+)
9Analog Input 03Analog Input 02 (-)
10Analog Input 04Analog Input 02 (+)
11Analog Input 05Analog Input 03 (-)
12Analog Input 06Analog Input 03 (+)
13Analog Input 07Analog Input 04 (-)
14Analog Input 08Analog Input 04 (+)
150 V0 V
16+5 V+5 V
17Analog GroundAnalog Ground

Connector B

1Digital I/O 01
2Digital I/O 02
3Digital I/O 03
4Digital I/O 04
5Digital I/O 05
6Digital I/O 06
7Digital I/O 07
8Digital I/O 08
9Digital I/O 09
10Digital I/O 10
11Digital I/O 11
12Digital I/O 12
13Digital I/O 13
14Digital I/O 14
15Digital I/O 15
16Digital I/O 16 (+3.3 V optionally configurable by Speedgoat, see Note)
17Digital Ground

0 V is internally connected to the ground of the target machine. 5 V are supplied by the real-time target machine, which is capable of providing 1 A continuous current. For more information, refer to the real-time target machine User Manual.

Per default Digital I/O 16 is set a standard digital line. Optionally Speedgoat can set this line as a 3.3 V source during assembly (to be defined prior to order).

The analog and digital ground pins are also connected to the ground of the target machine through the I/O module. If an external sensor is supplied by the 5 V of the target, the ground of the sensor must be connected to the 0 V pin and not the I/O ground. This must be done to minimize current flow through the I/O module and protect the I/O module in case of a short circuit.

Pinout M12 Connector