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Getting Started Tutorial Videos

To introduce you to the capabilities of your real-time target machine, Speedgoat developed a series of video tutorials covering the basics of Simulink Real-Time™.

Learn how to work with your Speedgoat real-time target machine and quickly ramp up your colleagues by exploring the basic features of your new hardware!

Simulink Real-Time Basics

Simulink Real-Time™ provides the software environment required to generate real-time applications from Simulink® models and run them on Speedgoat target computer hardware connected to your physical system. These real-time applications are executed by the CPU of the target machine, which interacts with the various I/O modules through the driver blocks from the Speedgoat I/O Blockset library.

The real-time operating system (RTOS) of your Speedgoat target machine depends on the MATLAB release you are using. Therefore, the Simulink Real-Time™ workflow and some interfaces may differ slightly as well.

Select your MATLAB release to get started​:


Migrate from an earlier MATLAB release to R2020b and beyond


In MATLAB® R2020b, MathWorks® and Speedgoat introduced a major update for Simulink® Real-Time™, featuring a new 64-bit POSIX-compliant real-time operating system and improved workflow.

In case your target machine was previously configured for MATLAB R2020a or earlier, a one-time software migration is necessary to make it compatible with MATLAB R2020b and later. Learn how to update your real-time target machine to benefit from the features introduced in MATLAB R2020b.


Target Software Migration Tutorial

MATLAB release to R2020b



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