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Simulink Real-Time Basics (Part 3): Creating and Running Real-Time Applications


Simulink Real-Time™ is designed to offer a unified real-time simulation and testing experience seamlessly integrated with  MATLAB®, Simulink®, and other MathWorks products. This tool lets you create real-time applications based on Simulink®  models and run them on Speedgoat hardware solutions connected to your system under test through various I/O modules

In this tutorial, we showcase the main differences between running a Simulink® model on a desktop PC and running a Simulink Real-Time™ application on a Speedgoat real-time target machine. We highlight how to go from one to the other and how to deploy a real-time algorithm onto your Speedgoat hardware. 


Part 1: System Configuration (Host PC)
Part 2: System Configuration (Target Machine)
Part 3: Creating and Running Real-Time Applications
Part 4: Logging Data
Part 5: Control and Instrumentation


  • Understand the main principles of real-time simulation

  • Configure and prepare Simulink® models for real-time execution 

  • Deploy Simulink® models as real-time applications onto Speedgoat target machines 


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Dimitri Mankov

Dimitri Mankov
Application Support Engineer


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