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This webinar will demonstrate how Speedgoat real-time test solutions, help you to speed up designing and testing automotive control systems.

By using digital twins and virtual environments for testing and verification, you can increase safety and reduce the cost of testing. Learn how you can design motor controls for electric vehicle (EV) powertrains or how you can employ a Speedgoat test system as prototyping hardware for bypassing. Communicate with your ECU by leveraging the XCP protocol for both calibration and measurement tasks. 

Topics that we will cover include:

  • See an in-depth workflow demonstration of testing a battery management system using hardware-in-the-loop
  • See a demonstration of an electric vehicle simuation including  models of PMSM motors, traction inverter, battery  pack (Powertrain Blockset™), multi-domain cell module sim (Simscape Electrical™) and several control units (both virtual and actual) involved
  • Control prototyping and controller testing leveraging digital vehicle twins, for components such as battery management systems, fuel cells, and electric powertrains.
  • Design efficient electric motor controls and advanced driver assistance systems
  • Execute your Simulink models in real-time with seamless code generation and deployment to Speedgoat real-time target machines
  • Learn how to facilitate automated testing and certification workflows using Speedgoat hardware

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Thomas Haszprunar

Thomas Haszprunar
Technical Marketing Engineer

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