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This webinar shows you how electrical engineers can use power hardware-in-the-loop (Power HIL) testing with Simscape Electrical™ and Speedgoat real-time solutions to test electrical equipment - all connected and fully powered - while connected to a virtual power grid, virtual motor or power systems real-time simulation. Engineers use Power HIL testing to thoroughly validate all operating and even fault conditions of electrical equipment before connecting it to the grid, electric vehicles (EV), or other DC or AC electrical power systems. Typical equipment under test (EUT) includes power converters, protection relays, EV chargers, or onboard power system components. High-bandwidth electrical interfaces are emulated using power amplifiers ranging from a few hundred watts to megawatts.

Specific topics that will be covered include:

  • Use cases of electrical equipment testing
  • Power HIL and its differences to HIL testing
  • Required real-time hardware for Power-HIL
  • Selection criteria for power amplifier and sensors
  • How to prepare models with Simscape Electrical
  • Hardware demonstration using 60 kVA power HIL test bench

The Authors

Dr. Carlos Villegas

Dr. Carlos Villegas
Electrification Industry Manager

Gernot Schraberger

Gernot Schraberger
Principal Application Engineer 

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