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SENT Receiver FPGA Code Module

SENT SAE-J2716 receiver support with Simulink driver blocks

This FPGA code module offers SENT acquisition functionality on an FPGA I/O module. As the SAE-J2716 SENT protocol is unidirectional, SENT sensor emulation requires a SENT transmission FPGA code module.

The Simulink blockset provided can receive SENT SAE-J2716 signals.

A SENT SAE-J2716 transmitter is also available and is typically used to emulate sensors for HIL testing.




This FPGA code module is normally delivered as part of a custom implementation with your chosen functionality and I/O count. Please contact us for further information.

Pricing information
We do not publish pricing information on our website. Upon request by e-mail or phone, we can provide a complete price list covering our entire product portfolio in various currencies. We recommend that you contact us to discuss your specific needs. We can then quickly provide you with a tailored quotation including technical and pricing information.


Included in delivery

  • Configured to your requirements either as a Netlist or Custom Implementation
  • Simulink driver block
  • Test models
  • Comprehensive documentation

Supported target machines