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IEC 61850 MMS Server

Simulink Driver Blocks for IEC 61850 Communication

IEC 61850 MMS Server blocks allow you to set up communication with, for example, SCADA/HMI devices or sensors and actuators in the power systems automation field.

The MMS Server blocks exchange data via the Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) protocol with SCADA/HMI devices or through the GOOSE and Sampled Values protocols with sensors and actuators to enable emulation of intelligent electronic devices (IED).

You can efficiently scale the substation by using multiple MMS Server blocks that leverage TCP/IP to transmit data.

These Simulink blocks are ideal for hardware-in-the-loop simulations using MATLAB® and Simulink.

Native IEC 61850 is supported both on the Ethernet interfaces of the real-time target machines and over plug-in Ethernet I/O modules.

Key Features

  • Data exchange through MMS with up to 20 SCADA/HMI devices
  • Define data models using custom substation configuration language (SCL) files
  • Multithreading implementation, saving computing time for real-time tasks
  • Multiple server stations can run on one real-time target machine, either communicating with clients in the same network or separate networks
  • Use GOOSE and Sampled Values to exchange data at the bay or process level
I/O Access  
Communication standard  Implementation according to the IEC 61850 Code Components
Communication protocols MMS, GOOSE and Sampled Values
Maximum number of connected clients 20
Number of server stations

Multiple Ethernet interfaces can be fitted to a target machine

Each Ethernet interface can be connected to a different IEC 61850 network

One Ethernet interface can represent multiple servers through IP aliasing

Network layers MMS via TCP/IP, GOOSE & SV via OSI (layer 2)
MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification)  
Data handling Locally modify the data attributes of your server
Supported data types Boolean, Int8, Uint8, Int16, Uint16, Int32, Uint32
Data model Import a custom SCL file (.cid or .icd) to select data attributes which are to be read from or written to
Direct control Define which data objects should be available for direct control
GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event)  
Broadcast Broadcast GOOSE messages to a destination MAC address
GOOSE App ID Define an App-ID to filter messages on the same MAC address
VLAN ID & VLAN priority Change the VLAN parameters
Base interval Configurable base interval
Data types Int8, Uint32, Double, Boolean
SV (Sampled Values)  
Broadcast Broadcast SV messages to a destination MAC address
SV App ID Define an App-ID to filter messages on the same MAC address
VLAN ID & VLAN priority Change the VLAN parameters
Application Service Data Unit (ASDU) name Configure the ASDU name for the publisher
Data types Int8, Uint32, Double
Item ID Product Name Components
2A729 IEC 61850 Server Runtime License
  • 1x IEC 61850 Server Runtime License
  • Driver block library for Simulink Real-Time 
  • Comprehensive documentation and Simulink example models 

Compatible I/O modules

Item ID Product Name Components
2A710 IO710-10 Ethernet Module 1 Ethernet port
2A715 or 2B715 IO710-10 Ethernet Module 4 Ethernet ports
2A791 IO791 Ethernet Module 2 Ethernet ports


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Included in the Delivery

  • IEC 61850 Server Runtime License
  • Simulink driver blocks 
  • Test models 
  • Example models 
  • Comprehensive documentation 

Common Applications

Supported target machines


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